📀Sub Domain Connection

The system creates a subdomain for your campaign to run on, such as Nike.Viewfi.io. This is created when you make the brand sub domain.

It is also possible to change your DNS settings and host the video URL on your own sub domain, for example NFT.Nike.com. You will need to go into your DNS and change your CNAME Settings. Instructions are below:

Step 1 - Settings

1. On the main page of your Vieworks platform, Click on Settings and choose Add domain.

Step 2

You will see all your sub account seat here. It gives you a view of how each are connected. Click on add new domain in the top right corner. Or click on your domain to manage existing set ups.

Step 3

Work through the steps and follow the instructions.

  1. Select an account by using the drop down arrow and choose the campaign you want to make changes with and click next.

  2. Input the Domain name you wish to connect on the field box and hit next.

  3. Enter the Sub domain you want to use. For example, your company name or title of your video. Once done, Hit next.

  4. The next page will give you further instructions. Please follow all the steps carefully then hit next.

  5. Click finish to connect your domain successfully.

Once it is successfully connected, pending changes to connected.

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