đŸ¤ŧReferral System

Generate more organic views using referral incentives.

After a successful video view and mint, the user can share a unique link to their socials, friends and family. The ViewFi platform tracks all these and scores your top KOLs.

Therefore it is possible to run sub campaigns on ViewFi, and message that top sharers will receive additional rewards, or a rare and golden version of the NFT. A leaderboard widget is also under development that pulls in user data in real time.

You can find referral data in the Data Collection section. Learn more here.

Publish as Leaderboard

It is possible to share the ViewFi Leaderboard widget to your community. You can access the code from the publishing page in the ViewFi dashboard and embed this to your environment plus each user can access a campaign leaderboard url. The url config is:


Each campaign will generate the URL which end users will only see once they participate. Note you can turn off referrals from the advanced section.

Referral Structure

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