Gasless Transactions

Improve user experience and onboarding with covering the gas for users

Introduction: The platform offers a unique feature for Web3 campaigns that allows clients to choose between gasless transactions and regular transactions. This document provides an overview of how gasless transactions work and how to set them up in your campaign.

Gasless vs. Regular Transactions: When creating a campaign on our dashboard, you will be asked in the settings whether you would like the campaign to be gasless or regular.

  • Gasless Transactions: In this mode, you, as the client, pay for the end user's gas fee. This means that the end user can participate in your campaign without incurring any gas costs.

  • Regular Transactions: In this mode, the end user pays for their own gas fee when participating in your campaign.

How Gasless Transactions Work: Gasless transactions are made possible through the use of EIP-712 signature verification. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

  1. Off-chain Signing:

    • The end user signs a minting request off-chain using their wallet.

    • The minting request contains details such as the recipient's address, the amount of the NFT to mint, a unique nonce, and any additional data required for minting.

    • The signed request is then sent to our platform.

  2. On-chain Verification:

    • Our smart contract receives the signed minting request and the user's signature.

    • The contract verifies the authenticity of the signed message using EIP-712 typed data signing standards.

    • It ensures that the signature comes from an authorized user and adheres to the contract's minting requirements.

  3. Gasless Minting:

    • If the signature is valid and the minting request is authorized, the contract proceeds with the minting process.

    • The NFT is minted and assigned to the specified recipient's address.

    • The gas fees for the minting transaction are paid by you, the client, rather than the end user.

  4. Security and Integrity:

    • The smart contract enforces minting permissions, reentrancy protection, and contract pause state checks.

    • These measures ensure the integrity and control over the minting operation, preventing unauthorized actions.

Setting Up Gasless Transactions: To enable gasless transactions for your Web3 campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new campaign on our dashboard.

  2. In the campaign settings, select the option for gasless transactions.

End User Experience: When participating in a gasless campaign, end users will:

  1. Sign the minting request off-chain using their wallet.

  2. Submit the signed request to our platform.

  3. Receive the minted NFT without incurring any gas fees.

Conclusion: Gasless transactions provide a convenient and cost-effective way for end users to participate in your Web3 campaigns. By leveraging EIP-712 signature verification, our platform ensures a secure and efficient minting process while allowing you to cover the gas fees on behalf of your users. If you have any further questions or need assistance setting up gasless transactions for your campaign, please contact our support team.

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