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ViewFi offers marketers and brands a no code NFT minting solution to allow users to connect to your brand and earn a digital collectible. This guide helps you get started.

Note this is only available to premium customers.

  1. Navigate to Mint Station within the settings.

  2. Click create new collection.

  1. Select which network you wish to use including Polygon or Linea

Next you can see all your accounts collections (if applicable). Click create NFT collection.

Now you're ready to set up the account. Give your collection a name, type out a description, upload a 500x500 image. Note the current platform can only accept one image.

Enter how many NFTs. Note if you leave this blank it will be unlimited.

Now your ready to create the collection.

Now head to create a new campaign and select NFT Template. See more about that here.

In the field, enter the correct blockchain you made your collection (e.g. Polygon) and select the collection from the dropdown.

Fill in all the details and publish your campaign. Now you are ready to provide NFTs for your audience who watch your video and complete tasks.

Media Specs for NFTS

When you are making your NFT contract, we now support multiple rich media files.

The file extensions now include JPEG, PNG, GIF, GLB, GLTF along with audio-only extensions MP3 and MP4.

The maximum file size for media supported is 100MB, but we recommend keeping it under 100MB for faster load times.

NFT Contract Info - ERC-1155

For Categorized Rewards: If there are categories of rewards (e.g., "Silver Sponsor", "Gold Sponsor", where each category might have multiple identical tokens), then ERC-1155's ability to handle both fungible and non-fungible tokens within the same contract is beneficial.

ERC-1155 will offers more flexibility and potential efficiency gains, especially if we anticipate a mix of unique and categorized rewards. It can cater to a wider range of token minting scenarios without deploying multiple contracts. However, if the entire system revolves around completely unique tokens(Which I do not think it will be based on the current design/idea) ERC-721 will do.

ViewFi implements ERC 1155 and once its integrated on the backend we can then offer ERC721 for unique cases. Contracts can be exported and handed over to the brand on request.

For 721 standards visit the github

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