This example links a campaign data (emails etc) to Hubspot

This article will walk you through a Zapier integration from your Vieworks platform to a CRM, such as Hubspot.

For this integration example, you will need both a Zapier account and a Hubspot Account, learn how to set this pairing up on the Zapier website or continue with this article.

You will also need to first set up your campaign and copy your campaign ID which is found in the publish page

Step 1

In Zapier, 'Choose App' and select the Vieworks app in step 1 under the header( 'When this happens...'), Zapier will then prompt you to select a trigger event from the drop down menu, we have chosen 'Campaign Viewers' for this example. Following this, press the continue button.

You are now brought to the 'Choose Account' box, whereby you must sign into your ViewFi account, following this click next.

Next you will be brought to the 'Customise Viewers' page and asked for your 'Campaign ID. which you enter, then click on the 'Test and Review', below is what you should see after completing step 1.

Next stage will be selecting the CRM to link with. And the 'Action Event' for this example is 'Create or Update Contact'. So essentially break it down: when there is a Campaign viewer in step 1, it will lead to step 2 which is the the creation or updating of a contact.

This action will be automated through Zapier, from your ViewFi app into your Hubspot CRM. After you click continue you will be brought to the Hubspot sign in page, and choose the Hubspot account to link with.

Under customise contact you will get a drop down box, to 'Insert Data...' E.g. Select email box on the drop down function seen below Data3 box respectively. Some boxes are (required) and need to be filled in, others are optional and to the brands discretion to utilise. Other interesting boxes include, the ability to cluster your data based on e.g. โ€˜potentialโ€™, โ€˜bad fitโ€™, โ€˜qualifiedโ€™ etc

If you have different campaigns running concurrently, โ€˜Labelsโ€™ is a useful box to segregate data through selecting the specific ID and the SOURCE, seen below. Following that 'Review and Continue' also submit the test to make sure the 'Zap' will work.

Following that 'Review and Continue' also submit the test to make sure the 'Zap' will work.

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