📩Email System

Once a user successfully signs up for their reward, the system automated message is sent. Providing them with more information on the campaign.

You can customise the message of the email. It is also possible to turn off entirely. You can find these settings in the Advanced or in the email preferences section in settings.

Edit Templates - Add New Template

Go to settings, Email Personalization.. This will open up the email properties. Add a new template to set up a bespoke email.

Now you can give it a name, select what type you are applying it to. Edit all the text and fields and formats. You can see the template on the right.

After you saved it. Navigate back to create/edit your campaign. In advanced settings/Automated perk and email settings, you will see the drop down "Change email template". Select your newly created template.

Now you are ready to start sharing your campaign.

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