🏅Create a Campaign

In the campaigns section click 'create campaign' action under your sub account.

Step 1 - Select Campaign Type

In campaign set up mode, select from one of the 9 campaign templates. Each will change the form below based on the reward type you wish to use for your campaign.

Step 2 - Connect Your Video

Give the campaign a name (internal reference only), select the video player from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Paste the video share URL and be sure that embed sharing options are turned on on the YouTube Vimeo settings.

Next select what percentage of the video you wish the unlock to occur. For example if your video is 2 minutes and you set 50%, then the user can click the claim button after 1 minute.

Enter the call to action as what you want your users to do after they claim. I.e. 'Shop now' and your URL. You can add UTM links for tracking. You can turn off this button using the toggle.

Hit continue.

Step 3 - Set up your campaign copy

Now its time to craft the copywriting for your bespoke campaign.

The widget offers 2 text components. Enter the Reward title (30 characters) which is displayed at the top of the player. Then the second title (65 characters) shown on the lower banner.

Enter additional copy which a user can learn more about the company and campaign.

Finally there is an area to add your legal terms and conditions related to the campaign and such rewards.

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