🤓Advanced Set Up Options

Once you set your campaign up you are now able to change some advanced settings, as a power user (Premium user).

There are 4 sections to advanced settings:

  1. Widget Display Settings

Referrals and Sharing turns on unique sharing widgets and allows users to share and promote campaigns.

Social Sharing Copy - changes the metadata of the widget.

Video Autoplay - Will have the video automatically play with counter on. Suitable for PPC campaigns.

Widget Template - Make edits to the widget copy and set the template to your campaign.

Image for campaign success - Add an image to your campaign. Needs to be 600x200 and under 500kb. It will also show on the automated email.

Player Controls - Turn on / off the player controls on YouTube. On by default.

  1. Additional Feature Settings

Viral Share on Twitter - Widget will add a step for users to share and post the reward message in order to claim reward. This sets off a viral nature for the campaign.

Additional Data Fields - up to 3 fields for users to enter info and collect more data.

Interactive Quiz - Turn on a multiple choice question which a user needs to get right to continue.

Additional Tasks - Get users to complete additional tasks such as follow on X or join Discord

Learn more about these features here

Automated Reward and email settings

  1. Cap Claims - Limit the number of rewards available for your community

  2. Campaign End Date - Schedule an end date for the campaign

  3. Automated Email Sending - Chose to turn off the automated email the system sends. On by default.

  4. Change email template - First create a new template in email property settings then apply it to your campaign.

Tracking and reporting

  1. Country Availability - Include or exclude countries who can apply. If your IP is in an excluded country, they can still watch the video but cannot see any reward.

  2. Pixel Tracking Code - Enter a pixel URL and measure impressions on your own platform.

  3. Schedule reports - Have analytics or data reports sent to your inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

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