đŸ“ļAttribution Tracking

Coming Soon

For web3 campaigns, the ViewFi system identifies users and parses on-chain transaction data to determine which ViewFi users become customers and how much funds they send.

For this you need to add your contract address you want ViewFi to listen to in the advanced set up.

Then you can view the user data and now you can discover each user and:

  • Funds held in wallet

  • If they connected to your contract

  • How much funds they sent to your contract.

You can capture this info into your own CRM system and run additional contests and prizes for user who actually execute.

For example:

  • Watch the video and complete the task to earn $25 voucher

  • User needs to connect and make transactions to your contract to qualify

  • Database can be filtered and you distribute rewards only to these users.

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