🚙Additional Screens

There are some additional features and pages to help navigate users to a great onboarding experience and successful minting experience.

Pause Screen

If the user pauses the video they are instructed to continue watching. If a user skips more than 10% of the video the reward becomes unavailable to claim.

Reward Already Claimed

If the system detects the user already claimed the reward they are presented with this screen.

User Skipped Video

If the user skips the system recognises this and prevents the claim.

Unavailable / Expired

If the campaign is ended, expired or all the rewards claimed, the user will see this screen

Learn More

The user can learn more about the campaign and its details on this screen. The copy is entered on the campaign set up. They can also access the terms and conditions.

User terms

As the user terms and legals will be different for each company, use case and campaign, the company can input their own terms and conditions and data usage here.

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