😍The ViewFi Player Experience

How the interactive widget works for the end user

The viewer will come to the ViewFi video widget via a number of ways. Most popular being a social link, ad or embedded on a site. The starting state shows the video overlay and company logo and message of NFT reward.

Video Start screen

The white label player and widget integrates with YouTube and other players. You just need to connect your YouTube video link to the ViewFi platform.

The widget is customisable and white label. User sees the reward offer and clicks player to play.

Video Play Mode + Count Down

The video starts playing. The counter is displayed in the top right to signal when the reward can be unlocked. The video length and unlock timer can be individually adjusted.

Good to know: The user cannot skip the video or repeat it for multiple rewards! The counter gamifies watching for greater engagement.

Reward Unlocked

Once the video is complete, user will see the unlock screen. If they click claim. during playback it takes them to the next screen.


User ticks the terms of use which also clarifies they are happy for their details to go to the client. They proceed by connecting with Google or entering their email address.

Then they are presented with a success page based on the template.

For Web3 Campaigns (NFT Campaign, Airdrop Campaign, Whitelist Campaign)

An additional screen for web3 next allows users to connect their wallet:

Wallet Connect Experience

Then the success screen is revealed which varies based on the campaign type.

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